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Founded in 1872, Adventist Education is the second largest denominational educational system in the world, second only to Catholic schools. Adventist Education curriculum was developed to teach students not only to excel academically, but to develop healthy bodies and thriving spiritual lives. In Bermuda, Canada, and the U.S., 4,700 teachers instruct over 55,000 students in nearly 1,000 Adventist K–12 schools and 15 colleges and universities.

How do TCA Students Compare?

In a recent study of TCA freshman, we asked the question, "How do students do academically who have only been educated at TCA?".  We looked at students that went all the way through from kindergarten to 9th grade.  The graph below tells the story.  The bottom numbers are percentile rankings with a score of 50 being considered average.  As you can see, our students tested above average in almost every category. 






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