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In July of 1957 the founders of Tri-City Christian Academy of Seventh-day Adventists started construction on the first TCA campus building. This was a personal commitment on their part. They drove nails, poured concrete, laid block, and cooperated in a hundred other jobs. Families worked shoulder to shoulder. Many individuals left work, drove directly to the school every day for weeks, and worked on the building until late in the evening. In one month the building rose from the foundation and the school started. That was commitment!

Why were so many individuals dedicated to this school? The answer is simple. They wanted a Seventh-day Adventist school that would be able to serve the Triad area. In 1957 schools did not face the huge educational problems we encounter today. Drug use and violence were not problems in '57. Public schools were safe. Teachers still controlled the classrooms. So why were these individuals so committed to a Christian school? They wanted a school where the Bible was a regular textbook, where values were taught and modeled, and where prayer was a way of life. These dedicated people wanted these things for their children in 1957. Today we see how wise they were. Today, most parents want this for their children. Now, as parents face a world of violence, drugs, a hostile media, and the breakdown of family values, many need a school like TCA.

Tri-City Christian Academy still requires a commitment today. TCA is only a tool. Parents and guardians still need to be committed to home-schooling. Parents and students not only pay tuition and support fund-raising, they must be committed to a total education of the body, the mind, and the heart. Parents and guardians must take an active part in educating their children at home. TCA is a partnership of students, parents, churches and dedicated teachers. It will continue to work if we all work together.

We praise God for those individuals who started this school in sacrifice. We praise God for those individuals who continue to support TCA with their money and their time. If you would like to be part of this kind of school, we welcome you. And if you decide to come to TCA, we ask that you commit yourself to the goals and ideals outlined in this website. TCA is a commitment. It always has been. It always will be.