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Students are encouraged to participate in our after school gymnastics programs.  Students can participate from beginner to advanced.  Below is more specific information about the classes taught.

Beginner classes:

Beginner classes will involve pre-k age(or potty trained) through 5 years old. Basic tumbling along with balancing, object manipulation and rhythm and movement to music and learning to listen to instruction will be included in class. Circuits will focus on improving the student’s basic tumbling, hand eye coordination, listening and balancing skills. 

Intermediate classes: 

Intermediate classes will require students to be able to perform basic tumbling skills so that they are then ready to move on to an higher level(example: handstand to a handstand forward roll/ cartwheel to a round-off/ stationary backbend hold to back-walkover...).  Balancing, back and front walk-over's along with round-offs, back extensions and more intense stretching will be taught.  Circuits will be set up in a way that the students will be able to improve their object manipulation skills while working key tumbling and balancing moves.  All of this is to improve their coordination and strengthen their bodies in preparation for the advanced classes. 





Performance Team:

There will be a MPPT (mini pre-performance team 4 &5 years) and a PPT (pre-performance team k-4).  These classes will be taught up to 2 routines during the year and will be able to perform at the end of the year program.  Basic tumbling along with pyramid work will be the emphasis of these classes.


 Tumbling classes will allow no one under intermediate level to participate.  Strength training along with advanced stretching and heavy tumbling are the emphasis of these classes.