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Why choose TCA?

TCA delivers an environment that is safe, nurturing, and Christ-centered.   

There are several reasons to consider private education: Many people find the student to teacher ratio in the classroom to be too large in public schools; they fear their child will not get the help they need. Others fear that their child will be exposed to inappropriate social situations and conversations at a young age and still others seek a more driven and focused learning environment. Whatever the reason you’re considering Tri-City Christian Academy, we believe your child will experience the best learning and social environment.

So, what is so special about Tri-City Christian Academy?

While most schools focus almost entirely on academics, TCA takes a balanced approach to learning. Learning is more than simply acquiring knowledge; it has to do with the development of body, mind, and heart. At TCA we strive to educate all three. Our students are educated in physical fitness from K-4 all the way up through high school. Our vegetarian lunch program helps to remind students that diet matters as well as fitness. In addition, we have a strong academic program proven to prepare students for college and beyond. Most of all, at the center of our program is Jesus Christ. This allows us to train students in Biblical principles and enables them to form characters that will shine in any professional or social environment.
How do your religious beliefs make a great school?

At TCA, Christ-centered education means that we take the truth of Christ’s salvation and the values He has given into each class and each part of our day. It is our goal to prepare our students for a life-time of service to the Lord in any college, job, or future that lies ahead of them. 

Why pay for something I can get for free?

While there are many excellent teachers in public schools they are limited by state laws and policies to provide the true help our children need. Our children do not need worldly counselors, sex education, evolution, peer pressure, and literature about vampires and warlocks. What they need is a Savior who can heal the soul and to build characters that will stand in a world that is quickly becoming anti-Christian.