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Algebra 1
Welcome to Mr. Cousins Algebra class. This class combines both an online and face-to-face learning environment.   This is where you will find a link for tests and assignments that are to be completed.  Please refer to your calendar for due dates for each assignment.

Assignment Table
Assignment # Assignment Topic Khan Academy Homework
1 Section 1.1 Variables and Expressions a. Writting Expressions
b. Writting Expressions 2
2 Section 1.2 Order of Operations a. Positive and Zero Exponents
Fractional Exponents
c.Negative Exponents
d.Order of Operations
e. Evaluate Expressions in One Variables
3 Section 1.3 Real Numbers and the Number Line a. Exponent Rules
b. Square Roots
c. Estimating Square Roots
d. Ordering Negative Numbers
  Quiz # 1  
4 Section 1.4 Properties of Real Numbers a. Properties of Numbers 1
b. Properties of Numbers 2
c. Number Properties Terminology 1
5 Section 1.5 Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers a. Ordering Negative Numbers
b. Adding Negative Numbers
c. Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers
d. Negative Number Word problems
E. Evaluate Expressions with one Variable
6 Section 1.6 Multiplying and dividing Real Numbers a. multiplying and Dividing Negative Numbers
b. Simplifying radicals
7 Section 1.7 The Distributive Property a. Distributive Property
  Quiz #2  
8 Section 1.8 An Introduction to Equations a. One Step Equations
9 Section 1.9 Patterns, Equations, and Graphs a. iPad Activity
10 Review Review all of the above topics in your iPad or on Khan Academy
  Chapter 1 Test